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Latest News:   (04-07-11) The Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay Oregon has accepted the Headers and Italian Shoes prints for their motorcycle themed exhibit, Thunder at CAM. The exhibit begins June 10, 2011. The prints: Mechanistic Abstract Series

(12-01-10) Classic Bike Magazine currently has an article called "Tomb Raiders" written by David Edwards with photography by Daniel Peirce.

(08-21-10) The Sept/Oct issue of Motorcycle Classics Magazine has an article about 'Then Came Bronson,' that Dave Howe and produced. 

 TCB Web.jpg (251512 bytes)  Don Collins on his Then Came Bronson replica Sportster.

(01-29-10) My work is being represented by a new on-line automotive art dealer called Gearhead Illustrations. Check them out here: Gearhead Illustrations

(01-10-10) Today I'm starting a new series of photographs entitled 'Mechanistic Abstract'. The photography in this series will be abstract art of mechanical subjects with an emphasis on biomechanical composition. See the project here.

(12-02-09)  See my article on the Old Indians Never Die Rally in the January/February 2010 issue of Motorcycle Classics magazine.

(05-02-09)  I'll be attending the Davenport Swap Meet in September. Look me up. Here is the finished poster I was commissioned to design for the 2009 event: 

2009FallNtnlPosterWeb.jpg (153579 bytes)

(04-28-09)  I've been invited to photograph the Old Indians Never Die rally in Scotland in July. Please look me up if you attend.

(02-22-09) is now offering T-shirts with UNS Engine Project engine images on them.

(09-15-08)  The book and the engine project have been mentioned on Episode 9 of

(09-13-08) Cycle World has posted a Q&A feature article on the book [article].  They'll also be the official host for my new blog begining September 15 [blog].

(08-02-08) Advance copies of the book have been sent to magazines and the book launch is set for September 14, at Up-N-Smoke BBQ in Keller, Texas.

(07-16-08) The Chief Black Chapter of the AMCA has commissioned me to produce the poster for their 2009 Davenport Swap Meet.  The theme for the event will be "quarter liter" engines.  Look for new images in the engine collection.

(06-07-08) An exhibit of engine prints is scheduled to be shown at the Harvest Classic in Luckenbach, Texas, October 24 & 25, 2008.

(02-09-08) The manuscript is at the publisher and in production.  It will be available by September 2008 from Veloce Publishing- UK, and US distributor Motorbooks International.  Preorders are now available from

(08-16-07) THE FINE ART OF THE MOTORCYCLE ENGINE, the story of the UNS Engine Project will be produced by Veloce Publishing and distributed in late 2008.

(07-22-07) The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa is selling a selection of Mag-neato photo magnets in their gift shop.

(04-21-07) A selection of prints from the UNS Engine Project is being offered by Motorcycle Classics magazine beginning in their 2007 May/June issue.

(02-17-07) Motorcycle Classics magazine will sponsor an exhibit of prints from the UNS Engine Project at the Barber Vintage Festival October 19-21, 2007.

(10-15-06) Motorcycle Classics magazine has commissioned Daniel Peirce to produce an exclusive image to be used as the trophy for the European People’s Choice Concours d'Elegance at the Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, 10-21-06.

  FontanaTrophy.jpg (77951 bytes)

(04-07-06) Jay Leno-  A 20"X24" Metallic print of the Ducati Eye Candy is framed and hanging in Jay Leno's garage facility.  Cool.

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